7th International Global Footwear Sustainability Summit in Shanghai, China

Imigize will take part in the 7th International Global Footwear Sustainability Summit – GFSS 2018, which will be held in Shanghai, China from August 27-28.

Imigize will present the participants with their new technological developments of contactless fitting for online footwear trade.

The GFSS Summit will bring together manufacturers and major brands to discuss topical issues and trends in footwear industry.

Just imagine what imigize.io can do to the Retail Sector

Do many products come along this often that will change a whole sector and change people’s lives forever, on how they currently do something, well no they don’t. However, this is a product that will do precisely that. This article isn’t one of those promote pitch articles, this is just to pre-warn you of a private sale and ICO that will bring a product to our lives very shortly, and well, save a hell of a lot of visits to posting back over-sized or undersized clothes and shoes, from current online shopping issues. What product am I referring to here? Well, that is imigize.io. A company formed in 2015 by CEO Valery G. Chernik (Physicist, D.Phil., Professor and owner/co-owner of several successful businesses), with its HQ based strategically well in Hong Kong, for the growth of the company and another based in Saint-Petersburg. However further offices will open, with further expansion.

Imigize.io have been working hard at creating the perfect product for three years now, that will allow us to buy online all our shoes and clothes selected to the persons exact details.

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Negotiations on cooperation

In continuation of contacts at the AVCJ Forum, representatives of Imigize met with Tus Holding in their office in Beijing for a more detailed discussion of plans to open the first Measurement Center in China.

(During the Forum on March 14th-15th, Imigize demonstrated to partners from Tus Holding the work of the new Imiscan mobile App and the whole cycle of the service of contactless fitting of
footwear for online shopping).

Tus Holding showed interest in financing the Imigize project and its further scaling in different countries.

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Start in China

The opening of the first Measurement Center in mainland China is an important milestone in the development of the Imigize Hong Kong project for 2018.

The purpose of visiting the AVCJ Forum on March 14th-15th in Beijing was to meet and negotiate directly with Chinese funds and investment companies to participate in the project both in terms of financing and in terms of joint management of the Chinese subsidiary. 

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Why is it beneficial to buy clothes in online stores for crypto? Because blockchain!

It should be immediately noted that we follow a particular case of purchases for crypto, although the situation can claim to be universal. This refers to cryptocurrency called Imigize tokens (IMGZ).

Utility tokens IMGZ have come into the market during Pre-Sale (http://www.imigize.io) on 15.01.2018 and in principle, they give the ability to buy clothes and shoes online with great benefit.

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Imigize Service Blockchain will become a revolution in the online clothing and footwear market!

Imigize www.imigize.io is a blockchain startup that has developed a revolutionary method to transform the global online clothing and footwear market by providing an open database on the degree of fitting, obtained for each customer by the technology of contactless 3D fitting.

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Will digital technologies in on-line retail grow through as bamboo sprouts?

Digital technologies influence greatly modern system of retail. There is a new wave of innovative findings that are able to drastically change our world emerge every day. Today technologies do not restrict our business, but give a greater chance for market expansions. Clothes and footwear on-line trade is not an exception.

There are a lot of problems in the on-line clothes and footwear trade that are not resolving. Firstly, there is a clear tendency of stagnation of growth in consumer traffic in on-line clothes and footwear shops. Every year we can definitely see an increase of total sales, but it doesn’t reflect the dynamics of people’s needs in these products. The fact is that customers are dealing with the problem of size fitting while shopping on-line. On-line shopping system as it is right now is not designed for a safe purchase of clothes and footwear that will surely fit the customer by size. Right now it is a great luck to buy a fitting item. That scares most customers. New service that shops provide – to bring several sizes of an item for customers and possibility of free returns-doesn’t resolve this psychological and economical problem.

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Do we need the digitalization of business mind in retail?

A lot of attention devoted now to the problem of digitalization in business as an important aspect of the new paradigm formation in the entrepreneurship culture. Here are novel ideas about revolutionary changes in retail as an example:  the article “Winning with digital what makes a digital leader” by Tito Arciniega, Vice President, WW Commercial Sector Industries, Enterprise & Partner Group, Microsoft Corp. Or recent Daniel Zhang’s, the CEO of Alibaba Group, presentation in Davos on “Digital tech is changing retail”. One of the main ideas of these authors is that technological innovations today conduce to mass transition to the new level of doing business. Continue reading “Do we need the digitalization of business mind in retail?”