Are customers willing to share their 3D anthropometric data? If yes, under what conditions?

Modern technologies make possible creating high-precision 3D models, including precise reconstruction of the bodies in 3D.

The precise 3D reconstructions open good prospects for further industrial application of the data, for example in the automotive industry (comfortable seats), medicine (creation of prostheses), production of the goods for the sport.

Clothes and footwear industries are very interested in using personal anthropometric data. These are huge markets with an immense variety of goods. According to Statista the United States footwear market turnover by 2022 will be US$32,153B and the US clothes market is expected to amount US $363,73B.

However, collecting and storing users’ 3D anthropometric data contains a hidden complexity.

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Update of the Whitepaper and the new concept of the Imigize token.

The work on blocking technology in the online sale of shoes and clothing has allowed us to take a fresh look at the function of the token and its purpose in the global ecosystem of Imigize.

The initial functionality of the Token Imigize (IMGZ) was limited to the function of a means of payment between the online store and the IMIGIZE service and was less of an interest to ordinary shopper of footwear and clothing using fitting service.

Having redesigned the concept of Imigize token (IMGZ), we endowed it with the function of stimulating the interaction of clothing and footwear manufacturers, online retailers and buyers. Now the token will be interesting not only to online shops, but also to ordinary buyers.

Token Imigize (IMGZ) is used by online stores as compensation to the shoppers for access to his personal anthropometric data and the comfort profile. The buyer, receiving Imigize tokens (IMGZ) applies them as a discount when buying clothes and shoes in any store connected to the service Imigize.

The buyer, having received tokens for creating and entering their anthropometric data into the blockchain (for example, by scanning their feet), can be guaranteed to exchange them through Imigize Service Blockchain for a cash discount for the next purchase. In addition, the buyer receives tokens, agreeing to receive a personal mailing from online stores in the form of recommendations for models of shoes and clothes, selected personally for him on the basis of the criteria of individual comfort.

More details about the updated concept of the token can be found in our whitepaper.

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Imigize contactless fitting service is thriving.

Every day we work on our product and increase the quality of contactless fitting service. The algorithm of remote footwear fitting based on artificial intellect, suggests not only precise size, but also provides recommendations on comfortable models. 

We do not forget about customers of our service. To understand how our service works and how to use it, we have created a video tutorial through the example of purchasing sports footwear in the Runlab online store.