New Video

In the framework of preparations for our trip to New York, USA (28th of July -5th of August) aiming to record an interview at NASDAQ and meet with Imigize Investors, our team is releasing a series of videos about the IMIGIZE project.

Prof. Valery G. Chernik , CEO Imigize in the first video presents the project Imigize Service Blockchain and its role in the 4th industrial revolution.

We are often asked why we use blockchain technology in our project. In the second video, Prof. Valery G. Chernik answers the question.

Shortly “Ask me anything” series of videos with participation of other Imigize Team members will be available.

Just imagine what can do to the Retail Sector

Do many products come along this often that will change a whole sector and change people’s lives forever, on how they currently do something, well no they don’t. However, this is a product that will do precisely that. This article isn’t one of those promote pitch articles, this is just to pre-warn you of a private sale and ICO that will bring a product to our lives very shortly, and well, save a hell of a lot of visits to posting back over-sized or undersized clothes and shoes, from current online shopping issues. What product am I referring to here? Well, that is A company formed in 2015 by CEO Valery G. Chernik (Physicist, D.Phil., Professor and owner/co-owner of several successful businesses), with its HQ based strategically well in Hong Kong, for the growth of the company and another based in Saint-Petersburg. However further offices will open, with further expansion. have been working hard at creating the perfect product for three years now, that will allow us to buy online all our shoes and clothes selected to the persons exact details.

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