Sportmaster shoes will be available for contactless fitting on the Internet

As part of the integration with Sportmaster company this week, a large batch of shoe model samples from their sales range came for digitalization.

Among them are the brands Demix, Nike, Puma, Kappa, Sketchers, Fila.

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Sportmaster is the largest network in the sport goods trade in the Russian Federation and the CIS.
Demix is ​​a brand of sports shoes produced by Sportmaster and is a leader in sales in these markets.

In the coming days, about 1000 models will be registered in the Imigize platform and they will create “digital passports”, which will include a detailed description of the goods, 3D photos, 3D models of internal volumes and comfort profiles of the models.

Contactless fitting of the whole range of Sportmaster’s digitized shoes will be opened in test mode on their website in from November 2018.