Imigize’s first customers in mainland China

As part of business development in mainland China, Imigize representatives held successful cooperation negotiations with Mark & ​​​​Spencer, Otto-Quelle Group, MTS Global.

The parties showed a vivid interest in cooperation with the Imigize branch – Imigize Shenzhen (China), the opening of which is scheduled for the 1Q 2019.

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The Imigize branch in Shenzhen is a business development of Imigize project, in addition to the existing operational business in Eastern Europe.

Cooperation with Imigize Shenzhen will allow brands connecting the manufactured range of shoes (further clothing) to the contactless fitting service immediately after production.

The close location of the production enterprises of the clients and Imigize Shenzhen allows reducing logistics costs and connection time to the fitting service.

Thus, the new collections of fashion products will be available for virtual fitting even before the product gets on the shelves of stores and warehouses of online retailers.

Cooperation with Imigize will allow customers to significantly reduce returns of not fitting footwear and the resulting transportation expenditures, as well as increase the flow of online shoppers.

Digitized shoes in China will be available for contactless fitting service provided by Imigize for all members of the distribution networks of these brands and end customers around the world.

Marks & Spencer (M & S) is the largest British manufacturer of clothing and footwear, 43rd in the list of the world’s largest retailers. The company owns more than 885 stores, of which 600 are in the UK, and the remaining 225 are in 40 other countries. M & S revenue in 2018 was £ 10.7bn.

The Otto Group, or Otto GmbH & Co KG (formerly Otto Versand), is a mail order company and currently one of the world’s biggest e-commerce companies. It is based in Germany and France and operates in more than 20 countries. In France Otto claims to be the leading e-commerce business through 3 Suisses. Otto Group brings together more than 300 brands. The company’s revenue in 2017-2018 from E-commerce amounted to EUR million 7,880

MTS Global provides quality and compliance certification. Company offices are located in 16 countries. Giants such as Amazon, Gap are among the company’s clients.