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IMIGIZE has made the concept of “shoe size” inessential for consumer shopping. From now on it is no longer important to have the size of footwear printed on a shoebox. A buyer tries it on using its actual internal volume, choosing his or her size based on personal comfort.

Reliance on the market
Originally conceived in 2015, the idea of Imigize was supposed to become a solution to the key problem of e-stores, which suffered incredibly from shoe returns and ill-fitted footwear sizes. And even the system of bringing the buyer several pairs of shoes at once in the hope that at least one of them would fit was not much of help.

However, web stores showed fluctuating interest towards this technology amid the lack of any clear example of its use by business. In early 2016, Imigize started its research into the online footwear market and analysis of customer profiles.

According to the Head of Imigize’s Information Department, Sergey Gavriljuk, about 60 per cent of the buyers surveyed reported that they are very interested in such a service and have much hope that it will be widely used by business. These results encouraged the accelerated implementation of the service.

Its pilot version has already been launched on the territory of the Russian Federation. Imigize is currently being integrated into the largest stores in Russia/ CIS, such as Wildberries (1mln visits per day) and RunLab (global brands of sports shoes). Possible cooperation with Sportmaster (a chain of 900 stores in Russia and the CIS) is currently under discussion.

The service cooperates with more than 15 world manufacturers and distributors of footwear such as VF Corporation (VANS), Amer Sports (Converse), Anta Sports, ECCO, Run Lab (Under Armor, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Saucony, Asics, Mizuno), Patrol, Analpa (Keddo, Crosby, Tesoro), Renaissance (Daze), and others.

Benefits for all
The experience of the Imigize service shows that it benefits not only shoe sellers, and, most importantly, buyers, but also footwear manufacturers.

Benefits for customers:
– Cheapness and good online shopping service gives an indisputable advantage;

– Overcoming the geographical limitations of potential buyers, related to their place of residence. Online customers get an access to a huge assortment of world producers and sellers;
– Possibility of distant purchases using an ID code for all members of a family, social group, distant purchases for the elderly and disabled, who may find offline shopping to be difficult.

Benefits for shoe sellers:
– a significant decrease in overhead and transport costs of web stores due to fewer refunds caused by ill-fitted footwear size;

– a significant influx of buyers from traditional stores, who have appreciated the convenience and economic benefits of the service;

– a conversion boost in web stores.

Benefits for manufacturers:
– Imagize will allow manufacturers to start creating a database of anthropometric models of bodies and foot, which will be an invaluable treasure for them as part of a step-by-step solution to the problem of mass customization.

New technologies literally sweep into our lives, changing our habits, ways we lead our lives. If we say that Artificial Intelligence can be easily integrated into the human one, then why such a minor problem as buying things, which is not very important for human existence, cannot be transferred to digital technologies? This is a matter of comfort of life.

Shopping trips are so tiresome, you have to get an idea of the assortment, understand what fits you, try on a bunch of things. But today we want to devote our main life time to meaningful and creative activities — to be surprised, learn something new, express ourselves. Such a routine thing as going shopping is already a thing of the past.

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