We started on 01/15/2018!

Imigize Service Blockchain for the online market:  https://imigize.io

Join our Token Sale first to buy tokens on the most favorable terms!

Prices and bonuses on round 1 (Pre-Sale) and on round 2 (Token Sale) 

On Pre-Sale there is a permanent bonus: + 25% to base price (1 IMGZ = US $ 0.22).

On Pre-Sale and Token Sale there is an additional bonus for large amounts of transactions.

The maximum bonus for a purchase on the air from ~ 200 ETH will be 45%

(amounts in ETH are given for the course ETH / USD = $ 1247).

Basic details Token Pre Sale Token Sale



Short name: IMGZ

Tokens: Ethereum network, ERC20 standard

Collection of money: ETH, BTC.

PRE-SALE: from January 15 8:00 to March 5, 2018, 23:59 (UTC) TOKEN SALE: from April 20 8:00 to June 8, 2018, 23:59 (UTC).

Token Issue:

Tokens are managed by a smart contract in Ethereum, which also takes into account non-ETH currencies (BTC) and reserves tokens.

— There is no way to endless issue of tokens. The need to burn tokens – no (extra tokens simply will not be created). The issue of tokens is strictly against the incoming currency in ETH & BTC. The entire smart contract is designed to facilitate its audit in order to protect the interests of Token Sale participants (there are no endless issues, softcap & hardcap are real, etc.).

— Buyers in ETH: receive tokens instantly in the same transaction, automatic sale through a smart contract.

— Buyers in BTC: receive tokens within 2 weeks from the end of Token Sale. Such participants of Token Sale are paid to BTC (to a single pre-known address), then the service software notifies the smart contract about the required volume of the token reserve for BTC-participants Token Sale, which they will receive on their second Ethereum wallet after registering in the Personal Area.

— Buyers of ETH & BTC are on an equal footing. There is a general pause in the exchange of tokens, which will be withdrawn 60 days after Token Sale. Although BTC buyers will only get tokens after Token Sale is finalized, it is equivalent to frozen tokens, which are immediately transferred to Token Sale participants in ETH.

Purpose of collection:

Softcap round 1: US$0

Hardcap round 1: US$1 000 000

Token price: US$ 0.22 + bonuses

Hardcap total (both rounds): US$60 000 000

Softcap total: US$1 000 000

Token price: US$ 0.22 + bonuses

The approximate number of tokens for sale:

US$60 000 000 / US0.22 = 270 000 000 IMGZ

This is 77% of all tokens (sale for money). Another 23% will be issued for the team, bounty and other marketing needs. There are no other types of emission.

A smart contract guarantees the provision of softcap:

—if by the end of the round the amount of $ 1 000 000 is not collected, then the funds in ETH are returned (the founder can not prevent this within the framework of a smart contract)

— to buyers at BTC the company guarantees a refund to BTC.

The volume of funds raised for both rounds of sale:

— Round 1 (Pre-Sale) – 1,7% of total hardcap

— Round 2 (Token Sale) – 98.3% of total hardcap

Welcome to our Token preloader: https://imigize.io

Chat with us:

Telegram channel: t.me/imigize

Telegram group: t.me/imigizeIO

BitcoinTalk https: //bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2721683.0

Why do we need PRE-SALE?

We need to raise funds for pre-production to maximize the online market of clothing and footwear and potential project participants about a new technology 3D contactless online fitting, the role of a new ecosystem block in the further development of the market.

The pilot placement of the service on the Russian market has shown great interest on the part of most online shoe retailers. The largest online stores in Russia and the CIS countries (Wildberries, Runlab, Sportmaster) have already signed commercial contracts with us.

In the pre-sale period, we expect a big road show to participate in world forums, meetings, conferences related to investment, blockade, crooked currencies, the development of the industry industry, the production and trade of clothing and online footwear. We intend to hold other meetings related to the subject of our project.

We are now active, participating in conferences, for example, at the World Forum AVCJ in Hong Kong on November 14-16, 2017, meeting with Chinese investors 10.12.2017 2017. See our BLOG!

Fundraising for pre-sale will allow us to conduct a powerful advertising campaign before the main sale. After all, we set ambitious goals for the transformation of the online market.

Over the next three years Imigize is going to hold global events that will cover the largest retailers of footwear and clothing in the US, EU, China, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

First of all, these are investments:

  •  in the construction and equipping of 10-15 industrial measuring centers for 3D digitization of internal volumes of clothes and shoes in places of world production (China, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, Spain, Brazil);
  • manufacture of portable and stationary scanners;
  • scaling a mobile application for anthropometric 3D measurements;
  • development of the blockchain platform and integration into the blockchain ecosystem of the leading players of the global online market of clothing and footwear market.


We plan to work with leading companies:

  • American market — Amazon, Wal-Mart, Costco, The Kroger Company, Home Depot, Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc, Target, Lowe’s, Best Buy, Adidas AG, Brown Shoe Company, Deckers Outdoor Corporation, and others;
  • European market — Vente Privee, CDiscount, 3 Suisses, Zalando, Boohoo, Missguided, Lavish Alice, Pretty Little Thing, Glamorous, Monki, In The Style, Linzishoes, Bata, and others;
  • Chinese market — Alibaba, AliExpress, TMall, JD, Taobao;
  • The Japanese market — Rakuten, ZOZO, Marui OIOI;
  • The market of South Korea – Gmarket.co.kr, shoesone.co.kr, koreanfashionista.com and others


In the future we plan an open integration of the service with all world retailers and the development of the blockchain-ecosystem in the global online market.

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