The first Strategic Advisor in the Imigize team

The Imigize project announces the appointment of the first Strategic Advisor from the field of Blockchain – Avishai Ziv, CEO of Alignment Blockchain Hub.

Avishai Ziv is a recognized world expert in Blockchain and has a unique professional experience in implementing Blockchain projects. Along with valuable experience in the field of ICOs, Avishai Ziv has an extensive network in the world of crypto-investors.

Alignment Blockchain HUB team conducted extremely successful ICO projects such as Bancor — $153M ICO, Sirin Labs — $157M ICO, Stox — $33M ICO.

According to Avishai Ziv, the amount of funds raised through the ICOs will reach $5 billion in 2018.

The Imigize project and the ecosystem created by the project were highly appreciated by Avishai Ziv.

Meeting with the team of Alignment Blockchain Hub in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

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