Excellent team, First class advisors

Working in the Imigize team commits to great responsibility, dedication and high level of professionalism.

Therefore, among our international advisors there are only world-class specialists with rich experience, impeccable reputation and recognition in broad circles, both colleagues and investors.

We present to you our first advisors and their opinion on the project:

William Wong, President Federation of Hong Kong Brands

«… IMIGIZE is one of the greatest projects I have ever come across. I am confident that all the online footwear retailers will be using IMIGIZE very soon …»

Avishai Ziv, CEO, Alignment Blockchain Hub

“…What i liked about the Imigize concept is real 3d technology being used for commercial application which in turn has the potential to revolutionize the online shopping experience and success rate…”

Robert Hiley, Former Vice President Timberland Footwear at VF Corporation

“…I have chosen to work with the Imigize Group because they are a highly skilled team of professional innovators, who have a great ability to use their advanced technical knowledge to bring practical solutions to businesses…”

International advisors

For the third year Imigize Team has been working intensively, creating monthly a new release of the Imigize software measuring complex, improving the friendliness and accuracy of the Imiscan mobile application, optimizing the operation of its industrial Measuring Center, connecting new brands and online stores to this new technology, working out an information infrastructure for data exchange based on the blockchain.

We are happy to see you among our supporters!

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