Imigize took part in the international investment forum AVCJ in Hong Kong.

Imigize took part in the international investment forum AVCJ in Hong Kong.
The forum brought together over 1100 financial community top officials of the countries of the Indo-Pacific region – Hong Kong, China, India, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, USA.

Within three days from 14th to 16th of November the thematic conference and meetings of leading international and regional venture funds, investment companies and fund managers was held in the halls of luxury hotel Four Seasons.

The AVCJ Forum remains the bellwether for the alternative investment industry in Asia, where leading investors from the world’s most successful and influential firms congregate, for their annual market update, debate investment strategies and engage in high caliber networking.

During the forum, Imigize representatives demonstrated the work of contactless fitting service – a creation of 3D models of the customer’s feet using the portable scanner, the process of footwear selection and compatibility testing on the shoe samples.

The company’s project aroused interest on the part of the participants of the forum; were appreciated the novelty of the project and its potential to develop the online segment of the world market of shoes.

More than 50 meetings with fund chief executive officers and executive partners were held in the course of the forum with the purpose of development of the joint project in the region.
We hope for to continue the forum negotiations with potential partners and attracting new funds to the Imigize project.

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