Imigize enters the Chinese market

Imigize has presented the technology of contactless fitting to participants of the 7th International Global Footwear Sustainability Summit on August, 27-28 in Shanghai.

Representatives of global brands, leading Chinese manufacturers, participants of supply chains, sustainability organizations have gathered within the framework of the Summit.

Mike Tchernik, Managing Director of Imigize Hong Kong office, has made a presentation about prospects for contactless footwear fitting. During a 30-minute speech, such topics as innovations in the footwear industry and prospects of development were discussed.

The Imigize contactless fitting technology presents new possibilities for the development of online footwear trade and creates the base for the transformation of the whole footwear and clothes market by transferring most of it to the Internet.

The Imigize service based on the blockchain technology provides and  guarantees the security of users’ anthropometric data and databases of each online store.

The Imigize platform creates a new ecosystem on the online market where all participants, customers, sellers, manufacturers can exchange freely the data on items fitting degree and comfort level.

During the Summit, the participants were able to test the Imigize technology  and evaluate the precision of the contactless fitting system on footwear produced by Anta Sports Products Ltd.. 

The Imigize service sparked the interest of the participants. Negotiations were  held with several global brands with a purpose of formation of contracts on the partnership with Imigize Measurement Center in China.
The launch of Imigize Shanghai Center is scheduled for the 4Q of 2018.

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