New calendar of events Imigize TGE

Dear investors and everyone who supports Imigize.

The Imigize project has come a long way, and we have achieved extremely positive results, both in business development and in working with investors.

We are working on the launch of the first Measurement Center in China and by early 2019 we will begin work with Chinese footwear manufacturers. This will allow us launching the Imigize service on the Chinese and US markets.

We are actively working with Russian top online retailers, constantly increasing the customer data base of the service.

Working with European footwear manufacturers and opening of a Measurement Center in Europe are in the process of negotiations.

We can see that the Public Sale does not bring significant financial results for the crypto projects of late so we shift focus to work with institutional investors.

We are creating a syndicate of funds interested in investing in the Imigize, and planning a big advertising campaign at events to promote the project in the crypto community.

Based on the latest results of activity, we prepare the calculations of the economy of the token and are ready to provide these documents to interested in cooperation funds.

As a guarantee for our investors we are launching the process of registering our token in accordance with SEC USA requirements.

In this regard, and with the approval of our advisers and current investors, we are reporting the postponement of the timing of the TGE Imigize.

Below is the new time line:

Private sale Round 1 10 September – 31 December 2018
Private sale Round 2 2 February – 3 April 2019
Public sale of tokens (TGE) May 5, 2019
Post TGE after 5th of May 2019

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