The new generation of Imigize Service

Imigize announces the release of the second generation of a contactless shoe fitting service for online shopping.

On a test group of users, the new release of the algorithm showed high accuracy of recommendations, significantly exceeding the results of the previous generation of the algorithm.

An important innovation is that the new generation of the service is able to distinguish the materials from which the shoes are made, which allows us to show more correct recommendations.

This level of accuracy of the virtual fitting opens up great opportunities for the online sale of shoes and clothes.

For registered users, the service can significantly save time in the store, immediately recommending a suitable shoe size. The user can check the availability in the shoe store of the size he needs and go already for a guaranteed purchase.

For online purchases, the Imigize service offers the class more precise recommendations for the size and comfort of shoes (based on data on the internal 3D volume of shoes and 3D models of the user’s feet) than attempts to predict the appropriate size based on previous purchases of other brands.

Over 12 months of intensive work, the team has significantly improved the methods of measuring shoes and feet of users, significantly redesigned the architecture of the algorithm and AI (Artificial Intelligence) modules.

In addition to higher accuracy of recommendations, the speed of the algorithm increased 4 times.

So for a new user, the time after scanning feet using a scanner or mobile application (Beta version) before showing a recommendation for a suitable shoe size is less than 30 seconds.

For an already registered user with previously made feet scans, recommendations of a suitable size are displayed immediately in real time.

The second generation of the algorithm takes into account a wider list of comfort parameters, all types of shoes with laces and low-heeled shoes without laces, regardless of the materials of manufacture.

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