Imigize TGE (Main Token Sale) date shift

Dear Imigize investors and supporters.

After more than a hundred discussions with our major potential investors all around the world and consultations with our advisers, we have made a decision to postpone the TGE (Main Token Sale) to a later date – September, 20th.

We are confident that real values stay the same regardless of the situation.

Imigize’s ambition is to provide all online users with a convenient tool for choosing the fitting footwear and clothes size and purchasing it online.

Imigize fully transforms clothes and shoes market, transferring most of it to the Internet. The current generation will be able to trust the online purchase of clothes and footwear, as it will be done on the basis of their personal anthropometric data, their 3D models.

We hope the cryptomarket will become stable by autumn and we will be ready to come back to selling Imigize tokens to private investors.

Until then, we plan to devote ourselves to intensive work with clients of the service (online stores) and to develop contactless fitting algorithms and Imigize blockchain platform.

The primary focus will be on the work in CIS/Rusia and Chinese markets.

Currently, the potential of our CIS/Russia clients (Wildberries, Runlab, Sportmaster) a more than 100M of service end-users, working on the Chinese market will bring more than 150M of service users in 2018.

We have started designing and preparations for building the first Chinese footwear digitalization Measurement Center directed on the work with Chinese online retailers and transition to the global market.

We are certain the project will be a great success and have every reason to be so: the finances of our current shareholders and investors, the talented team with bright heads, major clients, and most importantly, the support from our community.

The first Imigize ScanPoint with Wildberries.

We are pleased to announce the opening of the first customer scanning center with Wildberries. It is located at one of Wildberries pickup points in St. Petersburg near Ozerki metro station.

In the coming week, the ScanPoint will be certified by Imigize and start working 7 days a week from 11:00 a.m to 21:00 p.m. All user scans will be made free of charge.

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Imigize will attend FOW Israel Conference

Оn the Feb. 6th a work meeting is planned of representatives of Imigize and Financial and Blockchain Community of Israel in the frame of the coming conference FOW Derivatives Israel.

FOW Israel brings together over 250 delegates primarily from the local algorithmic trading, banking and buyside community.

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A meeting with Chinese investors

In Saint Petersburg office, Imigize held a business meeting with representatives of the Russia-China Investment Fund (RCIF) and TUS Holding:

Sonya Miao (Deputy General Manager TUS –Scientific & Technology Service Group)
Hubert Tao Liu (Investment Director TUS –Scientific & Technology Service Group)
Tianli Zhao (Director of the Technology Assets Center TUS –Scientific & Technology Service Group)
Elizaveta Mishina (analyst of the Russia-China Investment Fund (RCIF)

TUS Holding has expressed a vivid interest in the development of the project in China and a joint opening of Imigize Measuring Centers.

During the meeting, the sides discussed financial and investment issues, implementation strategy and project development in China.

In accordance with the laws of the PRC (China has imposed a ban on Initial Cryptocurrency Offering operations), the issue was discussed in the format of venture capital investments.

A primary subject of talks was the creation of conditions for the Imigize intellectual property protection and potential cooperation with Alibaba and JD – the largest Chinese online retailers.

Tus Holding is a state company founded in 1994 based on the Science Park (TusPark) of Tsinghua University (Beijing). Its main activity is the establishment of Industrial parks and investment in high-tech industries.

Russia-China Investment Fund (RCIF)