Will digital technologies in on-line retail grow through as bamboo sprouts?

Digital technologies influence greatly modern system of retail. There is a new wave of innovative findings that are able to drastically change our world emerge every day. Today technologies do not restrict our business, but give a greater chance for market expansions. Clothes and footwear on-line trade is not an exception.

There are a lot of problems in the on-line clothes and footwear trade that are not resolving. Firstly, there is a clear tendency of stagnation of growth in consumer traffic in on-line clothes and footwear shops. Every year we can definitely see an increase of total sales, but it doesn’t reflect the dynamics of people’s needs in these products. The fact is that customers are dealing with the problem of size fitting while shopping on-line. On-line shopping system as it is right now is not designed for a safe purchase of clothes and footwear that will surely fit the customer by size. Right now it is a great luck to buy a fitting item. That scares most customers. New service that shops provide – to bring several sizes of an item for customers and possibility of free returns-doesn’t resolve this psychological and economical problem.

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