7th International Global Footwear Sustainability Summit in Shanghai, China

Imigize will take part in the 7th International Global Footwear Sustainability Summit – GFSS 2018, which will be held in Shanghai, China from August 27-28.

Imigize will present the participants with their new technological developments of contactless fitting for online footwear trade.

The GFSS Summit will bring together manufacturers and major brands to discuss topical issues and trends in footwear industry.

Imigize Project Road Show in New York

Yesterday the 1st of August the Presentation of the Imigize project was held in New York NASDAQ studio.

Valery Chernik, CEO Imigize, Sergey Gavrilyuk, COO Imigize, Mike Chernik, Chief Strategy Manager at Imigize and Sean Brizendine, USA advisor of the project took part in the presentation.

Representatives of the Imigize Project talked in a video interview with Jane King, anchorperson from Bloomberg about the actual problems of the online market of clothing and footwear, how Imigize is able to remove these pain points for customers and online retailers, the prospects of the transformation of the entire market of footwear and clothing and the transition of most of it to the Internet, thanks to technology of contactless fitting.

Imigize Project invited American accredited investors to participate in the development of the project, announcing the plans to launch the contactless fitting service in the US in the2Q of 2019.

All the current week will be dedicated to the Road Show – numerous meetings with potential investors of the Imigize project.

New Video

In the framework of preparations for our trip to New York, USA (28th of July -5th of August) aiming to record an interview at NASDAQ and meet with Imigize Investors, our team is releasing a series of videos about the IMIGIZE project.

Prof. Valery G. Chernik , CEO Imigize in the first video presents the project Imigize Service Blockchain and its role in the 4th industrial revolution.

We are often asked why we use blockchain technology in our project. In the second video, Prof. Valery G. Chernik answers the question.

Shortly “Ask me anything” series of videos with participation of other Imigize Team members will be available.

Just imagine what imigize.io can do to the Retail Sector

Do many products come along this often that will change a whole sector and change people’s lives forever, on how they currently do something, well no they don’t. However, this is a product that will do precisely that. This article isn’t one of those promote pitch articles, this is just to pre-warn you of a private sale and ICO that will bring a product to our lives very shortly, and well, save a hell of a lot of visits to posting back over-sized or undersized clothes and shoes, from current online shopping issues. What product am I referring to here? Well, that is imigize.io. A company formed in 2015 by CEO Valery G. Chernik (Physicist, D.Phil., Professor and owner/co-owner of several successful businesses), with its HQ based strategically well in Hong Kong, for the growth of the company and another based in Saint-Petersburg. However further offices will open, with further expansion.

Imigize.io have been working hard at creating the perfect product for three years now, that will allow us to buy online all our shoes and clothes selected to the persons exact details.

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Are customers willing to share their 3D anthropometric data? If yes, under what conditions?

Modern technologies make possible creating high-precision 3D models, including precise reconstruction of the bodies in 3D.

The precise 3D reconstructions open good prospects for further industrial application of the data, for example in the automotive industry (comfortable seats), medicine (creation of prostheses), production of the goods for the sport.

Clothes and footwear industries are very interested in using personal anthropometric data. These are huge markets with an immense variety of goods. According to Statista statista.com the United States footwear market turnover by 2022 will be US$32,153B and the US clothes market is expected to amount US $363,73B.

However, collecting and storing users’ 3D anthropometric data contains a hidden complexity.

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Update of the Whitepaper and the new concept of the Imigize token.

The work on blocking technology in the online sale of shoes and clothing has allowed us to take a fresh look at the function of the token and its purpose in the global ecosystem of Imigize.

The initial functionality of the Token Imigize (IMGZ) was limited to the function of a means of payment between the online store and the IMIGIZE service and was less of an interest to ordinary shopper of footwear and clothing using fitting service.

Having redesigned the concept of Imigize token (IMGZ), we endowed it with the function of stimulating the interaction of clothing and footwear manufacturers, online retailers and buyers. Now the token will be interesting not only to online shops, but also to ordinary buyers.

Token Imigize (IMGZ) is used by online stores as compensation to the shoppers for access to his personal anthropometric data and the comfort profile. The buyer, receiving Imigize tokens (IMGZ) applies them as a discount when buying clothes and shoes in any store connected to the service Imigize.

The buyer, having received tokens for creating and entering their anthropometric data into the blockchain (for example, by scanning their feet), can be guaranteed to exchange them through Imigize Service Blockchain for a cash discount for the next purchase. In addition, the buyer receives tokens, agreeing to receive a personal mailing from online stores in the form of recommendations for models of shoes and clothes, selected personally for him on the basis of the criteria of individual comfort.

More details about the updated concept of the token can be found in our whitepaper.

NEW Short Pitch deck: https://imigize.io/static/pitch-deck/en/index.html
NEW Whitepaper: https://imigize.io/static/wp/en/index.html

Imigize contactless fitting service is thriving.

Every day we work on our product and increase the quality of contactless fitting service. The algorithm of remote footwear fitting based on artificial intellect, suggests not only precise size, but also provides recommendations on comfortable models. 

We do not forget about customers of our service. To understand how our service works and how to use it, we have created a video tutorial through the example of purchasing sports footwear in the Runlab online store.

Imigize TGE (Main Token Sale) date shift

Dear Imigize investors and supporters.

After more than a hundred discussions with our major potential investors all around the world and consultations with our advisers, we have made a decision to postpone the TGE (Main Token Sale) to a later date – September, 20th.

We are confident that real values stay the same regardless of the situation.

Imigize’s ambition is to provide all online users with a convenient tool for choosing the fitting footwear and clothes size and purchasing it online.

Imigize fully transforms clothes and shoes market, transferring most of it to the Internet. The current generation will be able to trust the online purchase of clothes and footwear, as it will be done on the basis of their personal anthropometric data, their 3D models.

We hope the cryptomarket will become stable by autumn and we will be ready to come back to selling Imigize tokens to private investors.

Until then, we plan to devote ourselves to intensive work with clients of the service (online stores) and to develop contactless fitting algorithms and Imigize blockchain platform.

The primary focus will be on the work in CIS/Rusia and Chinese markets.

Currently, the potential of our CIS/Russia clients (Wildberries, Runlab, Sportmaster) a more than 100M of service end-users, working on the Chinese market will bring more than 150M of service users in 2018.

We have started designing and preparations for building the first Chinese footwear digitalization Measurement Center directed on the work with Chinese online retailers and transition to the global market.

We are certain the project will be a great success and have every reason to be so: the finances of our current shareholders and investors, the talented team with bright heads, major clients, and most importantly, the support from our community.