Just imagine what imigize.io can do to the Retail Sector

Do many products come along this often that will change a whole sector and change people’s lives forever, on how they currently do something, well no they don’t. However, this is a product that will do precisely that. This article isn’t one of those promote pitch articles, this is just to pre-warn you of a private sale and ICO that will bring a product to our lives very shortly, and well, save a hell of a lot of visits to posting back over-sized or undersized clothes and shoes, from current online shopping issues. What product am I referring to here? Well, that is imigize.io. A company formed in 2015 by CEO Valery G. Chernik (Physicist, D.Phil., Professor and owner/co-owner of several successful businesses), with its HQ based strategically well in Hong Kong, for the growth of the company and another based in Saint-Petersburg. However further offices will open, with further expansion.

Imigize.io have been working hard at creating the perfect product for three years now, that will allow us to buy online all our shoes and clothes selected to the persons exact details.

I’d bet 100% of you reading this right now have bought shoes and clothes online and gone through the nightmare of ‘oh for….’, for not fitting, while then having to repackage your items and send back, until your refund comes back a month later. Well if you chase enough times.

Well, these times will be over, I can put my hand on my heart and guarantee you that now. Why? Well what Imigize can offer you, is to ensure you won’t ever have to revisit a shop, to ensure you have the perfect fitting (Or just one shop visit if you didn’t have a smartphone, to get your full measurements on a 3D scanner). The majority of us will, however, have an iPhone or an Android, so what we would do first is download the app onto our phone, use the app to get a 3D model of our feet built, by scanning our own feet. Imigize Footwear presented in an online shop collection is scanned into Imigize’s Measurement Centre where 3D models of the internal volume of the shoe are created. The software algorithm then compares the customer’s feet and the volume of the internal show size, down to 1mm, and then finds you the correct shoe. 1mm, come on that’s very impressive.

The product is ready, it’s good to go and has already been trialled in Russia, by two companies, Runlab and Wildberries, with tremendous success. Some outside of Russia may not have heard of these companies, but say for instance Wildberries, it has a userbase of 30 Million shoppers monthly. The next trial will be Sportmaster, with 90 Million. The product is growing in such large numbers, that the Russian market is already onboard. Imigize is now moving into the Chinese markets.

With such fast growth for a product, the analysis shows that up to 800 Million people will be using Imigize to purchase their clothes or shoes.

If you want to go into more depth and learn about the tech, or see even videos on tv, demoing the product then head over to the site and watch the uploaded videos or read the documents here Imigize.io

The above would sell by itself. However, the future is not just looking big, it’s looking like global domination. With partners such as Vans and Converse already on board and talks with the highest sports companies in talks, paying attention to the project is a no-brainer. Whether large or small, this is a company you will want to be part of. Even as I type, I get excited at the prospect of this product, along with my own, both going for global domination of their respective sectors.

In 2018 Imigize would have already launched the industrial measuring centre in China and integrated with first USA online shops, created the blockchain platform and formed an ecosystem around the first participants. Quite a foothold, already right? Well, that’s nothing to what 2019 has in mind. 2019 will see three new measuring centres launched in China, Thailand and Vietnam, while connecting the Imigize ecosystem with the largest shops in the USA, as well as Europe, China, Japan and South Korea. 2020 will see Imigize completely dominate the online retail sector, with ten measuring centres worldwide and a worldwide ecosystem linked to all large online shops worldwide.

The reason why this is achievable, is that the product has been meeting its targets for 3 years already, they have a working product, it has been trialled with success to online shops with over 100 Million customers in the largest country in the world, Russia and is getting partnership requests from the biggest names in the game.

The team and advisors are a 5-star combination of experience, knowledge and connections. Boasting star advisors such as William Wong and Saeed Hareb Al Darmaki, along with Robert Hiley from Timberland. It isn’t hard to see where this product is going, or what will happen in case we support it.

Along with Imigize changing the Retail sector and my Co-founded product Block Estates about to change the Real Estate sector, I am in for an exhilarating second half of the year personally. Adding to the other advisory roles I am on.

However, keeping this to Imigize, we are in or a treat for the second part of 2018 and into 2019. Regarding the retail sector, there is nothing out there right now that can come in and thoroughly sweep up the online market, other than Imigize.

Shoes recommended by web stores, selected with accuracy up to 1mm of my feet measurements on every single shoe and trainer make, along with clothes. Just let that sink in and add up the numbers out there that shop online, then think of this token economics and market.

As an advisor and Investor relations, please do get in contact either emailing my following email [email protected]

Alternatively, on my LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/bobby-tomkins-1861a615a/

For VC’s, Institutional investors, Private Equity companies and Crypto Funds, do contact me directly for an exceptional offer (Well three early offers combined), that I can obtain for you at this initial seed investment round. This offer will go sharp, well is should I say. The next stage private sale will come with new offers. However, the offer I have now is incredibly special. If you are starting a fund, this will be a major grower in your fund that’s for sure.

PLEASE NOTE, anyone, contacting me with an offer where I must pay you first to speak to investors, then please run along swiftly, and save yourself the time. This product, team and advisors are far too amazing and classy to entertain any discussions with salespeople from such companies.

Originally published at medium.com on July 17, 2018.

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