Negotiations on cooperation

In continuation of contacts at the AVCJ Forum, representatives of Imigize met with Tus Holding in their office in Beijing for a more detailed discussion of plans to open the first Measurement Center in China.

(During the Forum on March 14th-15th, Imigize demonstrated to partners from Tus Holding the work of the new Imiscan mobile App and the whole cycle of the service of contactless fitting of
footwear for online shopping).

Tus Holding showed interest in financing the Imigize project and its further scaling in different countries.

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Start in China

The opening of the first Measurement Center in mainland China is an important milestone in the development of the Imigize Hong Kong project for 2018.

The purpose of visiting the AVCJ Forum on March 14th-15th in Beijing was to meet and negotiate directly with Chinese funds and investment companies to participate in the project both in terms of financing and in terms of joint management of the Chinese subsidiary. 

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