Imigize Service Blockchain will become a revolution in the online clothing and footwear market!

Imigize is a blockchain startup that has developed a revolutionary method to transform the global online clothing and footwear market by providing an open database on the degree of fitting, obtained for each customer by the technology of contactless 3D fitting.

The innovative idea has caught the interest of customers and attracted the attention of serious investors. Closed pre-sale preparation is underway now, but pre-sale will begin at 9:00 am GMT on January 15, 2018.

Internet buyers of clothes and shoes online are often clearly disappointed with the results of their purchases. Every 2nd item doesn’t fit. It makes online stores seek a way out of this looming danger of market stagnation.

The path that Imigize Service Blockchain offers is a win-win solution on how to break a deadlock.

Imigize Service Blockchain creates a transparent, protected against manipulation, without restriction and bias in the data system, which will give all the ecosystem participants the opportunity to acquire and manipulate necessary information in automatic mode.

How is the BigData formed and what type of data is it?

Customer’s anthropometric data.

All customers make anthropometric scans of their body using stationary scanners installed in places of public access or at home, using the mobile app. Imigize transforms anthropometric data to 3D models.

Digital passport of shoes and clothes.

Next, for remote selection of size, the Imigize service needs to know the internal three-dimensional volume of shoes and clothes to be bought. The data is obtained in the industrial Centers of shoes and clothes scanning, built by Imigize in locations of the world its production. (China, Vietnam, Thailand…)

This eliminates the problem of excess costs on logistics and allows online stores obtaining digital goods immediately after its production.

Software sizing algorithm is embedded in an online store and when a customer inserts their ID code, the algorithm instantly correlates their anthropometric parameters with 3D models of the clothes and shoes internal volume and selects a product, suitable by size, and feeling of comfort.

Customers anthropometric data, digital data on actual internal space of the clothes and shoes, its degree of fitting, level of comfort for buyers, all this is information of immense value for all participants from customers to sellers and manufacturers in the online market.

Imigize service can become a system-forming factor for building a new ecosystem with the technology of the Imigize Service Blockchain, creating and posting the new free database in the global online clothes and footwear market.

Service Imigize Blockchain (ISB) ecosystem aims to unite all players from the production and online clothing and footwear trade field. It is built on a new level of confidence in the technology of contactless fitting that provides convenience, reliability and low cost of purchases of clothing and footwear online.

Service Imigize creates an information chain from production to consumption and expects a connection to this system of new market participants like financial institutions interested in investing in efficient production, rating agencies that assess manufacturers on the criteria of clothes and shoes comfort, web search, as well as others, up to state regulators.

Imigize Service Blockchain is an ingenious exercise of decentralized capacity to store and provide access to information on the global market of online clothes and footwear sales. It is of great interest to all participants.

Imigize opens a new page in the history of the trade of the whole industry, using blockchain technology and solving real problems of online trading.

The best bonuses on the pre-ICO in first 2 weeks, starting on 15 January 2018!

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